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  • Nancy Crooks

The Ears Have It, sometimes

If they give out prizes for wacko ideas, I'd probably get more than one. But if it works, it doesn't matter how weird it is. (As long as it's not illegal, immoral or unethical)

Lately, Jim was relating how he had had multiple ear infections as a child. His ear drum had burst repeatedly, and he said, 'It's so scarred, it's a wonder I can hear at all.' Now, I have a special interest in scars, especially the ones acquired early in life. A scar or trauma received when your body is small, no matter how long ago, means that your body has had much more time to get organized around that inflexible place. Think about it. Your little body gets an injury, an infection, or an incision. It heals, and you grow. The less flexible, healed place grows too, but it can't stretch as well as everything else. It's still attached and connected to the rest of your body, but it can't move with the same elasticity. That reduced ability to move, even in something as small as an ear drum (I know it sounds crazy) can affect the balance of tensions in your entire structure.

When I recoiled Jim's left ear drum, most of the other restrictions that were slightly twisting his body disappeared. We've been working together for a little over a year, and I suspect he won't need to see me again for a long time. We've removed the restrictions that were diminishing his pleasure in life and making everything more difficult and tedious, layer by layer. After each treatment, more movement was possible, and another symptom went away.

The tympanic membrane (ear drum) was a structure I had never thought of testing before, though I've explored ear mobility in other ways. You can try this yourself - pinch your thumb and index finger together and gently put the tips into your ear opening. Close your eyes, tune into your hands and ask yourself which hand is giving you more information. Relax. Sometimes it takes awhile. If you HAD to chose one, which one would it be? Like tuning a radio dial, sometimes you have to twist your hand to really get the 'feel' to come in clearly. If you don't feel anything, that's ok, too. Maybe there's nothing negative there. It's all good.

Since many restrictions in the structure occur early in life, we can improve childrens' lives by treating them early, before things get more complicated. But it's never too late to address these early events. Even a 'high-mileage' body will re-balance and enjoy its new freedom!

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