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Facing Knee Replacement?

Healing is a process and takes time.

Back Pain

I was introduced to Nancy in 2015. I thank God for leading her onto my path. In 2002, I had a motorcycle accident. I fractured two ribs and knocked my spine out of place. I truly didn't understand the damage until a year later; my back became crooked with swollen back muscles. I went to a chiropractor to put things back in place, but my body fought everything he was trying to do. He was trying to fix the symptoms but not the why or the root of my problem.


Pain on top of pain caused mood swings because I was trying to control the pain mentally. Takings pills like I owned the pharmacy, I was truly not in a good place. When I heard about Nancy and what she does I was desparate enough trying anything. What did I have to lose? Just money, but the chance of getting rid of this agonizing pain that I had endured for years motivated me.


Hearing what she does I knew that I had to open my mind and body to her knowledge and her method of healing. I saw Nancy five times. The first two times caused more pain temporarily but I understood that this was necessary. After that, my body began to heal itself. My muscles relaxed and the pain began to go away. After the fifth treatment my pain went from one billion to a three; a HUGE difference. I felt different not only physically but also mentally.


I'm now in a great pace and enjoying life.  I thank Nancy for her help. I always point people with back pain in her direction. I know that from time to time I may need to go back to get tweaked. It's now been over a year and a half since I saw her last and have continued to have very little to no discomfort.

David Rose

Shoulder Pain

Jade Teta

"I started having pretty bad shoulder pain several years ago. Being in the healthcare field and knowing some of the best physical therapists and chiropractors around, I figured I could have it taken care of pretty quickly. After about 3 years nothing was working, I was in fairly constant pain, and getting a little concerned. Being a personal trainer and healthcare provider I had done what I could to rehab my shoulder but I would make progress and then slip back. Chiropractic, massage, rehab work, acupuncture and other treatments worked for a short time only. I went to Nancy expecting temporary relief but not a permanent fix. After the first treatment I was pain-free for about 10 days for the first time in years. After the second treatment, the relief lasted about 4 weeks even with heavy weight training. With a third and a fourth treatment my pain has been almost completely resolved for nearly 3 months. I could not be happier. This is a treatment I recommend to anyone who would like to resolve their pain instead of continuing to manage it. Thank you, Nancy, for the work you do and for helping me and so many of my patients."


Jade Teta ND CSCS
Metabolic Effect Inc.


“I am looking forward to my six month visit. The last treatment (at 3 months) really helped my pregnancy issues - hemorrhoid itching, bladder emptying and rhinitis. Plus my left shoulder improved.”



“(After 6 mon. visit) I wanted to let you know that I have been feeling great. I felt like I wanted to perform in a musical after I returned home. The baby is moving more. I don't know that he's in the right position yet, but I do think that he was stuck before. The movements aren't isolated to the area next to the right pubic bone and feel much more fluid across the whole area.”



“Nancy’s touch has made my pregnancy easier than my first pregnancy when I didn’t use Nancy. She has helped relieve common aches and pains due to pregnancy along with targeting areas where the baby was causing pain. I have seen Nancy before and during my pregnancy and will continue to see her as needed after delivery. I would recommend her to any person, pregnant or not.”


Kristina A.


“I am actually feeling better - I cleaned my house and I've been organizing things and cooking delicious meals and learning to make green drinks with the Vitamix. I have to tell you that I have barely been able to clean house for a long time so this in itself is pretty amazing. Even though I have been sick with the flu, I have had an incredible amount of energy. And no depression!!!!
I still have some physical pain to work out, but regardless of that I am feeling better :-)

I do believe in Mechanical Link, and I think it is making a difference in my life - even though I don't understand it, I do understand the results and am grateful for that! Thank you so much, Nancy, for your Mechanical Link work!”

Nancy C.

Surgical Scars

"Eighteen years ago I had a radical mastectomy. When I went to see Nancy for the first time about two years ago to relieve a variety of pains, she noticed that my mastectomy scar was still an angry red after all these years. In addition to alleviating the pains I had come for, she gently went to work on my scar. It turned from an angry red that kept me from touching that side of my body, to a normal skin color that no longer gives me any trouble. I still miss my breast, but otherwise that side of my body feels normal again. I don't fully understand how scars affect the body or how fixing my scar helped in my overall healing, but I do know that everything about me is better since I began seeing Nancy. At this point I see her about once every three months, and I look forward to those "tune-ups" which are restorative, and keep me feel wonderful, both physically and mentally."

Barbara Hobbs
Winston-Salem, NC

Knee Pain

Rocky Peacock

A fit, healthy, forty-eight-year-old man, Rocky Peacock, part of the local Search and Rescue team, and actively engaged in outdoor pursuits like hiking, tree-climbing, backpacking had a long-term goal to thru hike (walk the entire 2175 miles in one go) the Appalachian Trail. He trained for two years and made extensive preparations to be equipped for the trip and be away from his family and business for the entire summer. Rocky said, "I felt like I was in excellent shape."


"Once actually on the trail, in Georgia, even with all the training and preparation I had done, after 3 days on the trail, I could only walk for 8 or 9 miles before my knees started killing me. I came hobbling off the trail in disgust and dismay. I looked and felt as though I'd been in a car wreck. I changed my equipment to cut down the weight I was carrying and got different boots, but still couldn't walk farther without pain."


Back home in North Carolina, he went to an orthopedist, who referred him for Physical Therapy. He wore a patellar band, took "elephant" doses of glucosamine, and tried acupuncture. The band gave him "limited relief from the knee pain, and about two more miles a day, but the pain never stopped."

On examination, it was easy to see where the problems were coming from. His left hip was much higher than the right, as well as other misalignments due to fascial tension. After two treatments, he went back on the trail.

This is what Rocky reported 6 weeks later.

"I've never used the knee band again since you treated me. I take ibuprofen on occasion, maybe 1 or 2 times a week... I wanted to stay on schedule, so I skipped a big middle section of the AT and went north to do Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the most rugged parts of the whole AT. I've been able to walk 15 -20 miles a day, and am sometimes tempted to go further. I was able to climb Mt. Washington and Mt. Katahdin and my knees are still fine."

"I'm 80 years old and in good health, but my knee started to bother me so much I couldn't bend my leg to tie my shoes. I had several Physical therapy sessions, but only got temporary relief. About two weeks after a Mechanical Link treatment, my knee stopped hurting one night, and the pain didn't come back. I'm very pleased. I see Nancy once a month for maintenance."


“My mom had been to see Nancy, and she had fixed her finger pain in one session. I was skeptical but knew it couldn’t get any worse for me. After the first session, I saw a little improvement after a few weeks. After the second session, I saw a vast improvement immediately. And after the third, I no longer had any knee pain! I am a strong believer in this treatment because after three years I'm not living on pain pills! The specialists were only focused on one part of my body at a time, not my body as a whole. I always sing Nancy’s praises to everyone I talk to. I like to refer to her as “the body whisperer”. She did what no doctor or specialist I saw ever could; she fixed me!”




Nancy, I mentioned to you that I had recently had cataract surgery. I did NOT mention that the surgery had apparently resulted in the pressure drainage field that had to be put in 13 years ago blocking in some way, with the pressure rising quickly. The pressure had been at 6 for most of those 13 years (12 is considered still fine) but shot up to 10 the day after the surgery, then 13 the next day and 29 the following week. The doctor first thought this was being caused by some lingering swelling, but by day 30 the swelling was completely gone. He had changed drops several times to work with both the pressure and the swelling. The day after I saw you (another week had gone by since the last pressure reading) I was to return for another reading, and if the pressure had not stabilized or preferably dropped (neither of which the doctor I expected given the history that led up to the original drainage field being built) I was looking at more eye surgery the next Wednesday to "needle" the field (i.e. poke some holes in it, I expect). Well, when the doc saw the pressure reading he literally almost fell off his little chair - it was down to 4!!! He actually took two more just to be sure. He said he didn't think the drops would be able to produce such a dramatic change that quickly, if at all, so the field had apparently spontaneously re-opened - I personally suspect it was your work on the sinus area that did it - although, of course, there's probably no way to tell - but I just thought you'd like to know about it!


Pulmonary Problems

Glenda was diagnosed with Pleural Effusion, a painful lung condition that lasted many months. She was seen at the Mayo Clinic and prescribed prednisone. Every time she tried to discontinue the steroid, her pain returned and it was very discouraging. While visiting family, she came for a treatment, and this is what she said 2 months later: "Hi, Nancy, I'm happy to tell you that I have been without prednisone for seven plus weeks and the pain has not come back. I was very weak for a long time but I am getting stronger each day and feel so much better. Hope to see you again in the Spring. You helped me so much. Thank you!"

I saw her later that year, and the pain had not returned and she was quite healthy.

Bladder Issues

"Like many people, I was skeptical, but I couldn't believe how much better I felt after just my first appointment with Nancy. I suffered from frequent bladder infections for many years, but since I have been receiving Mechanical Link treatments, I no longer have them. I am now able to empty my bladder fully, so I urinate less frequently. Each time I have an appointment with Nancy, I am amazed at how much better I feel. At 70 years old, I am on no medication."

Peggy Cornelius


"I have had headaches every day since I was 12 years old. After my first session, I only had two in a month. After my second session, my headaches are completely gone. My children are very happy that I'm in a much better mood, and able to play with them."


TW, mother of three

Multiple Sclerosis/Scars

I have sought many alternative methods to deal with my past surgeries, fractured pelvis, and recurring multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms. I had had pain in my side and back for over a month and I was hurting every day.

I felt great after the first session, and Nancy advised me to pay attention to the changes in my body as it began to correct itself. Within a short time I gradually noticed my pain was alleviated. I moved without pain.

I remember a few days after my second visit feeling that I was moving so easily. WOW! I felt my body pulling me to an aligned posture without even thinking about it. Odd, I thought. Especially as I drove, my body elongated and I had to correct my seat position to accommodate my shifting frame. I felt a definite shift happening in my inner-networked systems.

My third visit continued to unravel strained and stressed areas. Nancy's work on surgery scars has brought me an understanding of how they affect our whole body, restricting movement and healing. I had felt a scraping in my neck as if a spur was catching somehow, but after she worked on the incision in the crease of my neck, I found the tension released and my movement became more fluid.

The Mechanical Link approach is new to me, with its light touch, very gentle movements and recoil treatment, but it makes perfect sense to stimulate the inner core and let the different systems radiate the effect.

Energy to enjoy life and to garden has returned and I feel my 60-year-old body is a work in progress, repairing the injuries, surgeries and aging alignment. I recommend Nancy to those who are tired of using drugs to fix pain, without results. I tell all my friends about the work Nancy is doing and the benefits I am receiving. We are all works in progress and we can find capable and experienced practitioners that can open us to well-being.

Ms. Clyde Strickling - age 60, 3 treatments

Facial Pain

Shirley Campbell

In January 2004, at the age of 54, I began experiencing the worst pain I had ever felt. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia(facial pain) and I began my search for relief. I was seen by 6 different chiropractors and several massage therapists, a reflexologist, ENTs (ear nose throat specialists), neurologists, facial pain clinics in Raleigh, at UNC and a doctor in South Carolina, an internal medicine specialist. I had acupuncture, rolfing, and saw several dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, etc. In all, I saw 24 different practitioners of both medical and complementary disciplines.

I was subjected to many tests: nerve conduction study of the face, thermography, steroid injections, ganglion blocks, many prescription drugs, nasal sprays, cervical paravertebral nerve block, heavy metal screening, 5 MRIs, CT scans, 3 phase nuclear bone scan, NTI splints to realign my jaw, without any relief.

In August 2009, I was introduced to Nancy and her work. At the second visit, in September she was able to to discover where the pain was coming from: scars from radiation therapy that I had received at age 1 for three hemangiomas (birth marks) on my head and shoulder. Using Mechanical Link, she started me on a path to becoming pain-free in just a few months.

I see Nancy once a month for maintenance. My quality of life is better than it has been in years, thanks to her remarkable work. I am truly a walking, talking billboard for what Nancy and Mechanical Link can do for a person living with chronic pain.

Shirley Campbell, Winston-Salem, NC, August 2010

"What Nancy does is remove the obstacles so you can move forward with your life. It frees up your energy so you be who you really are."



Ceri Booth, Winston-Salem, NC

Back Pain

Dear Nancy,

I am writing to thank you for the extraordinary care you have provided to me over the last three years. Your approach is very different from the treatments I had been getting, but I have found yours to be the most effective. I had received treatments for years from Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, medical doctors, orthopedic specialists. None of their treatments really offered relief for more than a week or so. It seemed they were just treating the symptom and not the cause. When you explained how the entire body was connected and how the location of the pain may not be the origin of the pain, I was a little skeptical. Well, count me as a believer today. Instead of 1-3 visits to the Chiropractor a week, I find that your treatments last for 4-6 months and even longer. You have also saved me a fortune by eliminating all of these expensive treatments that did not work.


J.B. Guarino, Kernersville, NC

Back Pain/Shoulder Pain/Pelvic Issues

I began visiting Nancy in August 2010. I was having severe pain in my left shoulder. I also had a series of other pains in my lower back, right leg, left wrist, left foot. Even though I was in my mid-thirties, I was starting to feel old. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in the sixth grade and my poor posture was starting to impact my overall well-being.

As a result of the first visit, I was instantly able to fully rotate my neck and feel relief in my shoulder and hips. With each of the subsequent six visits, I felt like a puzzle in my body was unfolding. The most interesting visit was when Nancy released a small place that would tingle on the top of my left foot. A bone on the bottom of my foot fell back into proper alignment, my kidney released and my sinuses opened up. I realized later that I had twisted my ankle the summer of the third-grade dancing. On my last visit, Nancy discovered that my hips were finally even for the first time in my life. Incredible!

The treatment is incredibly gentle and actually lasts. Unlike acupuncture or chiropractic treatment, mechanical link has long-term effects with relatively few appointments. I feel like I am on a quest with Nancy to perfect my body. Besides alleviating specific pain, it also makes me feel great!


Caroline Armijo, Washington, DC