Meet Nancy Crooks

Nancy Crooks has been doing bodywork since 1984, helping people get beyond symptoms, pain and dysfunction. She uses a powerful but gentle form of bodywork called Mechanical Link that unleashes the body's ability to heal itself. Fewer, less frequent treatments are needed to achieve remarkable and lasting results.

LMBT NC Lic #283


In the interests of public health, HandSpring Bodywork is suspending appointments until it is safe to resume. 

The Mechanical Link Transformation
After Mechanical Link treatments, patients often report that as well as relief from their pain, they notice they have increased energy and a more positive outlook on life.

Mechanical Link Can Help With:

  • Back, neck and hip pain

  • Chronic pain of all kinds

  • Migraine headaches

  • Arthritis/painful joints

  • Sciatica/pain down the leg

  • Post-surgical adhesions

  • Infants and children

  • Depression

  • and more!

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